Why the word “bitch” has gotten so much traction in the media

A recent article in The New York Times magazine titled “Is the word ‘bitch’ so popular?” got me thinking about how the word has gotten out there in a lot of different media.

In the article, the authors asked: Is the word bitch so popular that we’re seeing so much of it in print and TV, and we’re even seeing it on TV and in movies?

Is the “bic” word so popular now that it’s becoming a word in the vernacular?

Is there such a thing as a “bitter” word?

The answers to those questions seem to be yes, and no.

The word “Bitch” is definitely popular, with its own lexicon and culture and associations, but it has a long way to go before it’s in the same cultural sphere as “birthers” and “Biblical creationists.”

The word is so often associated with its derogatory connotations, that it often gets in the way of people’s ability to truly explore and appreciate the many facets of the word’s history.

To help clarify this, I wanted to take a look at what the dictionary of the British English language (BED) has to say about the word.

BED defines “bittere” as “a woman who has a bad temper, or a person who is rude, a person with a bad attitude, a bad word, a poor person, or an ungrateful person.”

And “bint” is the second-most-common word in its dictionary, meaning “a small child,” followed by “bunt,” which is “to be young, young-ish, or small-hearted.”

There are many more words that have been identified with this word, which can be considered in many different contexts.

The dictionary of BED also says, “the word bittere is sometimes used to describe a person that is inebriated, who has drunk too much, who is in a drunken state, or who is not in control of his or her emotions.”

In the United States, the word also gets used as a derogatory term in its own context, and is often used to insult and denigrate women.

According to the National Association of Women’s Clubs of America, “bitty bitty,” “bait bitty” and the like have been popular in movies and TV shows for decades, and are used as insults to female characters.

When you hear the word, you’re likely to think of the bitterer in the story.

In many ways, this is exactly what we hear from the word in movies.

In a movie, we often see a character berating someone for their behavior.

In reality, it’s a character who has been berated for not being able to make it to work the next day.

This can happen to many women.

In “Bitten,” for example, the character is named Betty, and she tells the boss she’s not going to work today, even though she’s only 21 years old.

This character has a drinking problem, and the problem is so bad that she’s given her own drink, which is made of vodka, instead of a lemonade.

The director says to the producer, “I don’t think you should give her the lemonade,” but she tells him she’ll do it anyway.

The producers laugh at her, and he says, and then the director says, the producers know how much I love my little girl Betty.

And you know what, the director is right.

She deserves her own lemonade, but she should have had her own, not the director’s.

In fact, “Bittere,” which refers to a character in a story, can also be used as an insult.

When a character is in pain, the author can use “bitten” to refer to her, as in, Betty bitten.

When the writer is angry, she can use the word to refer her, like, Betty pissed.

It’s a word that’s become so common that it can even be used in a movie to mean, “A man who’s drunk, has a big temper, is rude or a bitch.”

Bitch is also a term used in the Bible.

When Abraham was about to give his son Isaac, the firstborn, the blessing, he said, “Let my mother be with my son,” and then he said that God had blessed him with the first name.

Now, the Bible does not say, “my mother is a bitch,” but the idea of a woman who is the daughter of God and a mother who has given her life for him is an important part of Abraham’s story.

So, what’s the problem with the word?

It seems to have gotten a bad rap in recent years because of the “Bite Me” campaign, a movement aimed at increasing awareness of sexual assault on college campuses.

But as with all things in life, there are some people who

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