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Missouri officials consider new tax on amusement park visitors

KANSAS CITY — Missouri officials are considering a new tax that would raise up to $15 million for local governments to operate amusement parks, but they are still figuring out how to do it.

According to a report in the Kansas City Star, the Missouri Tourism Tax Commission wants to tax guests on trips to amusement parks to raise $15,000 annually for local government to operate.

The commission is scheduled to hold a public hearing Wednesday at 9 a.m. to discuss the tax proposal.

The commission also plans to release its recommendations by March 20.

The first recommendations will include new guidelines for amusement park management.

The Star reports that the commission’s chairman, Mike Wiltse, said he’s “very excited” about the new tax.

The Kansas City-based Tax Foundation, which advocates for the amusement industry, estimates the new taxes could raise more than $10 million annually.

Kansas City is home to some of the nation’s top amusement parks.

Kansas City is also the state capital and the fourth largest city in the nation.

Kansas is also one of the most popular destinations for visitors to the country’s largest amusement park, The Great Western.

Haunted attraction that makes you feel sick at night has a new owner

Haunted attraction The Hush has been sold to a family for a reported $1 million, according to a local news outlet.

The attraction, which is owned by The Walt Disney Co., was scheduled to open on April 3.

According to local media, the attraction was set to open in 2018, but the company has recently filed for bankruptcy protection.

According the Daily Mail, the family behind The Hushing is seeking $1.5 million in compensation for the loss of the attraction.

“The Hush is a place where you can meet new friends and enjoy fun activities with other people,” the family wrote in a statement.

“We want to thank everyone for their support, and look forward to bringing The Husha back to the people of Orlando in 2019.”

According to the ABC affiliate, the Hush will reopen with a new name and logo and will be located at the Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida.

“This was a wonderful opportunity for us to bring The Hushed back to its rightful place as an unforgettable family fun experience that will be cherished by our guests for years to come,” Universal Orlando CEO Dan Hesse told the Associated Press.

“With its unique blend of fantasy, horror, and family, The HUSH is a unique experience that the guests of Orlando will enjoy every day of their lives.”

How to visit the best Disney-themed beaches in Florida

Posted February 10, 2018 07:30:08 When I was younger, I spent my summers at Disney World.

I loved the Disney parks, and I loved visiting them with my family.

I remember when we were first introduced to Disney Magic, which included the “magic” of rides, dining, and more.

I think I’ve spent far more time than most on the Magic Kingdom.

That being said, I did love visiting other parks in Florida, so I’ve been looking forward to visiting them ever since.

The following is a list of some of my favorite places to visit at Disney Florida:1.

Florida Keys: The most magical place on Earth.

The first time I was ever to Walt Disney World, I was so impressed that I took my first trip there.

I spent hours walking through the park.

The architecture and design of the parks were incredible, and the people were all friendly.

We were also lucky enough to be on our own, and our first time in a “dining room” (not the real dining room) was really magical.

We enjoyed dining with our friends and having the chance to explore our own dining room.

We even met some of the Disney park staff and even went through our own queue to go in.

If you want to see the best Florida attractions and attractions, you’ve got to go to the Florida Keys.2.

Universal Studios Florida: We had to go all the way to Florida before we were able to visit Universal Studios.

We ended up visiting this place in the middle of a drought and we loved it.

This place has so much going on.

You can see all of the shows, attractions, and even attractions from your own favorite Disney characters, which is awesome.

You don’t have to wait in line and the food is amazing.

The theme park itself is great, and you can even visit the other parks at night.

There is something for everyone, and we love to explore the park and enjoy the magic.3.

Universal Orlando Florida: The Disney Magic experience was a huge hit here in Orlando, and it continues to be a big hit today.

The Universal Orlando theme park has amazing restaurants, and all the shows are great.

The park is full of magic and it has a lot of it to offer.

The parks water is so refreshing and the waterfalls are just magical.

It’s also the only place you can go in the winter, and Disney is always adding more attractions.

It was fun for us to explore Disney and be able to go for a swim, take a dip, or a roller coaster.4.

Walt Disney Parks: The Florida Keys are where we spent most of our time as a kid, and they are the best place to see all the parks.

This is one of the biggest theme parks in the world, and every year, you get to see a new show.

The waterfalls and the other rides are amazing, and a lot can be seen in one day.

You will be able get a really good workout, but it is always fun to explore.

You get to take a break and do some Disney activities.

There are a lot to do and explore, and if you want a real Disney experience, you have to visit Florida.5.

Walt Walt Disney Vacation Club Florida: This is the only resort in Florida that has its own theme park.

This resort is called Walt Disney Adventures Florida, and everything about it is magical.

The staff is amazing, the food and drinks are amazing and everything is so unique.

It is one reason why we love Disney and have been going to this resort for so many years.

We love that there are so many different experiences to be had.

The resort itself is so fun and has so many unique places to go.6.

Walt Dreamland: This theme park is like a dream.

This was the first resort we ever visited that was not a theme park, so it was amazing.

We loved being in the park, and as a child, I had dreams about going there every year.

We did some shopping, and when we came back from the park one day, we were so excited that we went back.

We have a few photos of this place and it was so amazing.

This theme is a little bit older than Disney, but they still do some really amazing things.7.

The Magic Kingdom Florida: One of my all-time favorite places at Disney is the Magic Castle.

This park is located in Orlando.

It has been open since 1972 and is one the most famous parks in Disney history.

It really is a magical place and you really get to experience all the Disney characters.

It doesn’t take long to see them all, and some of them have incredible stories and adventures to tell.

If there is one place that you can’t get enough of, it is the Disney Magic.8.

Disney Florida Theme Parks: This park has the best food and entertainment in the parks

What to know about the hottest new attractions in SF, CA

What’s the hottest attraction in San Francisco, California?

The answer to that question is pretty much always a good question.

In fact, there are literally dozens of them, and while some are better than others, none are quite as popular as the ones that are popping up in the Golden Gate Park.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest attractions in San Diego County.

If you’re in the area, check out our San Diego Hotels 2018 guide to see which ones are best for your budget and your schedule.

Here’s what you need to know.


The Beach House: A place for everyone, from the super-affordable to the exclusive, this is the place to go for an evening out.

For $125, you can book a private beach house that features an outdoor terrace and a private pool, plus a lounge, a private restaurant and even a gym.

But it’s best to book before you book, as there’s no set date for you to pick up your reservation.

You’ll have to check in online, and you’ll have a few hours to book in advance.

If that doesn’t work for you, you’ll also need to check-in at the beach house in advance to be able to stay there.

The beach house is located at 1475 N. Broadway Ave., at the intersection of Broadway and Market streets.


The Art of Shoe Design: This isn’t the most glamorous place in town, but if you’re looking for an upscale, contemporary shoe design studio, you’re definitely in the right place.

There are four locations in the park, but you’ll want to head to the one closest to your hotel (the beach house).

The Art Of Shoe Designer is located just across the street from the San Diego Convention Center and has two locations.


The Big Lebowski: The latest film, which is a must-see, is coming to theaters soon.

And you can’t miss it, either.

This place is packed with the moviegoer crowd, which means you’ll be in for a treat.

Located on Broadway at 12th Street, the Big LeBowski is the home of the legendary film-makers, Paul and Linda, who have made the movie their own.

They also have a movie theater and cafe.


The Siesta: If you want a place where you can get a workout without having to leave your house, this will do it.

The fitness center at The Sapi will provide a workout area for up to 12 people, but be sure to bring some water.

It will be $60 a month for 12 hours, or $60 per person for the entire month.

The location is at 928 E. Broadway, between Broadway and Second Street.


The Moojie: If there’s one thing you need for any type of workout, it’s the Moojamie.

Located right across the road from the Sapi, this workout spot has three types of cardio machines.

The first is a machine that will work you up to 135 pounds, while the second one will make you up 75 pounds.

If the first one doesn’t make you feel good, you might want to try the second.

The other two machines are designed to be used for upper-body workouts.

The machine is located near the Meejamie, at the corner of Broadway at 15th Street.


The Greenhouse: This will probably be your favorite place to workout, especially if you want to keep fit.

Located at the edge of the park at 10th and Market Streets, this place has two cardio machines and one weight-training machine.

The one in the middle is a cardio machine designed for people of all ages.

The greenhouse also has a barbell and kettlebell, and the gym is available for private classes.


The Blue Bell: The most popular fitness spot in San Jose is The Blue Hill, but that doesn, too.

There’s a Greenhouse at 1040 E. Market, near the SAPI.

There is also a workout and cardio machine in the corner, which can work up to 140 pounds, but it is more of a beginner class.


The Black Keys: If it’s a workout or cardio class, The Black Woods is the gym to go to.

Located in the center of the Greenhouse, it offers a cardio and weight-lifting machine.


The Belly of the Beast: There are several different gyms in San Marcos, but the one at The Black Wood is one of the most popular.

This is the spot for cardio and strength training, but also includes a fitness and cardio club.

The club has a treadmill and elliptical machine, and there is also an elliptical bike.

The gym also has several bars.


The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: The Alarm Cinema is one that will get you in shape and into a good groove

How to spot a ‘fatal’ attraction show in the NHL

Attractive people are not the only ones who can attract fans in the National Hockey League.

But they are the ones that can attract the biggest crowds.

Attracting the attention of fans is not easy.

The lure of a superstar player is not a problem, according to Scott MacFarlane, an author and hockey analyst.

In fact, MacFaddin believes that a good NHL player is a huge draw.

The goal of a successful NHL player’s appeal is to make people want to attend games.

This is because the game is so big that there is almost no chance that a superstar would not be a star in his own right.

The star of a game is a big part of the fan base.

The NHL, which is a division of the National Basketball Association, has more than 200 players who are in the top-30 in their respective league.

If you were to ask the fans about who they liked best, they would pick the player who was the best in their division.

The best players in the league have won a Stanley Cup and are often the stars of their own teams.

But even with all the stars, fans still want to be entertained.

MacFeely says that the best way to attract fans is to put a good player on the ice.

MacNaughton agrees, saying that the “fatal” attraction shows have the potential to draw crowds that are not only large but also memorable.

“The most important thing is to have a good athlete on the field,” MacNaugton says.

“When you put a superstar on the bench, you get to see him play a lot more.

But the biggest thing is when you put an amazing athlete on a bench and the fans are looking up at the sky and cheering and they’re going nuts, that is a very, very, memorable game.

The fans want to see that.”

MacNaughtons experience in the business of attracting big crowds is similar to that of MacFadill, who spent four seasons in the NFL as a running back and wide receiver before moving to the NHL in the late 1990s.

He remembers watching the Stanley Cup finals at home in Pittsburgh in 1996 and seeing the excitement and anticipation of the fans.

“It was a very big, very special moment for me,” Mac Naughton says, adding that he knew that he had to put the best players on the floor.

“I was not looking to be an entertainer.”

For MacNoughton, it was clear that he would be the most successful in the NBA and that he was the one who would get the fans going.

“That was probably my biggest draw,” MacSweenton says of the NHL.

“You have to have the best athletes on the court, the best fans on the road, you have to put all of that together and make people feel like they are really going to be able to get something out of the game.”

While MacFodens experience in attracting big numbers is similar, MacNougtons experience as a businessman is different.

He says that when he is asked what he does for a living, he would answer by saying that he is a producer and that that’s how he makes a living.

He does not think that he will have a success in the entertainment industry.

“I’m going to try to do what I can do, but it won’t be in entertainment,” MacFadyll says.

“There is no way I would make a living out of my work.

It is a business and I’m going for that.”

When a person posts an interesting new attraction, what do they really think?

It’s not often that we see a person post a story that we find fascinating, but that’s exactly what happened this morning.

An interesting new feature in Microsoft’s Bing search engine, Bing Photos, lets you search for images by title and then filter out all the other results.

Bing Photos can be configured to filter out images with captions and other text.

This can be used to create an interesting search by highlighting an image with captors, but it also means that images that are already displayed in Bing are hidden from search results.

This has the potential to be a useful tool for marketers, and we found that a lot of people who post interesting new attractions are actually looking for new and unique photos.

To get a better idea of what people are looking for in Bing Photos and how they’re searching for new images, we asked a representative of a number of leading search engines about their experience using the feature.

For example, we used Bing Search for our research, and Bing Photos for our Bing Newsfeed.

The Google search results for this feature were pretty interesting, with many people looking for interesting photos of a range of different animals, as well as interesting animals from other parts of the world.

This led us to the Google Photos Bing Ads section, which lists the various Bing ads in the Bing Photos search.

While many of these ads are search results, many are not.

The ads are all designed to find interesting and relevant photos of various animals.

For instance, a photo of a dog is one of the ads in Bing Ads, and it shows a dog from the city of Chicago.

Other ads have different keywords, such as “animal”, “animals”, “dogs”, “dog”, “fond” and “females”.

Some of these keywords are search terms that we found to be important for searching for interesting and related photos.

For our research on Bing Photos we were able to filter this list by using the following keywords: Animals.

We found that most of the relevant ads had the word “animations” in the title.

We also found that many of the search results were related to the type of animal featured in the photos, such the “pig” or “bulldog”.

So it was clear that many people were looking for photos of dogs, not just of cute puppies or kittens.

A search of Bing Ads for animals found that the majority of the images were dogs, and the search terms in the titles matched the keywords in the search, which made it clear that people were searching for photos from animals.

This was particularly helpful for people looking to find photos of other animals, such cats and rabbits.

However, there were some results that showed animals from all over the world, with the most common results being cats and horses.

As Bing Ads is designed to serve relevant search results to people looking specifically for photos and videos of animals, it can be a little tricky to tell if an image is relevant to a search query.

But for the most part, these results were clear.

One of the things we found interesting about the results was that people who searched for animal photos from a range from the United States and Canada to Australia and Africa tended to search for photos that were “very young”, “very old” or otherwise “very large”.

There were also more animals from the Philippines, Russia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand than the United Sates.

We would think that most people would be looking for images from animals that were young or old, but there was no way to tell.

We were also surprised to see that people searching for images of animals from Australia and New Guinea tended to use search terms such as: “pond”, “pool”, “paddle” and more.

We have seen this in other Bing ads, such “dolphin” or, in one example, “puppy”.

This seems odd because many of those animals look very young, but are not “young” at all.

We think that people are searching for older animals, like cows, because they want photos that show animals that are old and have aged.

We noticed that people search for the animal photos that look like they are from a zoo, but they also search for older photos of animals that look very old.

This may be a problem because a lot more animals are being killed in zoos than are being raised in sanctuaries.

It is also possible that animals that appear to be young, such dogs or cats, may not have aged well enough to survive in the wild.

It also seems likely that some people will look for animals that have been around for a long time and that they might be a good source of information for a lot longer.

In terms of the results we were looking at, we found an interesting trend in that people tend to search the same way across all the Bing ads.

However a lot was missing from the results, as we found some animals that had been in the news for a while but that were not included

Which Texas attractions are safe to visit while traveling in Denver?


— It’s a good thing you don’t have to go far to find attractions in Denver that offer some unique and unique experiences.

The Denver metro area is home to some of the most unique places in the world, and it’s one of the few places in America that’s not a big city.

We like to call this a Denver paradox, where people don’t like to go to places that don’t feel like they’re on the map, and we like to think that the people in Denver enjoy their local attractions, but they also want to explore and enjoy new things.

Here are our picks for some of our favorite local attractions in the Denver metro region.

For more Denver travel, see our Denver guide to our favorite spots.

The city’s museums, theaters, theaters and museums, the Denver Zoo, and the Rocky Mountain Arsenal have been among the most exciting attractions in town.

To get a sense of the breadth of Denver’s attractions, we picked five of our favorites that we think you’ll love to explore.

For our final picks, we narrowed it down to five, with a couple more that are still on our radar.

The Denver Art Museum, The Denver Art Park, and The Art Institute of Denver are some of Denver-area’s most prominent museums, as well as a vibrant arts district.

There are also numerous fine arts museums in the area, from the Colorado Art Museum in Colorado Springs, to the Colorado School of Mines Museum of Art and the Colorado Springs Museum of Natural History.

You can see more about the art, science, and nature of Colorado at the Art Institute website.

How to choose the perfect tourist attraction

The US has seen its tourism industry grow more than 20% year-on-year.

But it’s still one of the poorest in the world, with unemployment at 13.4%.

In Tennessee, the unemployment rate is higher, at 12.1%. 

Tennessee’s tourism industry is still the most competitive in the US. 

We have some of the best beaches in the country, and the state has some of our highest concentration of outdoor activities.

But Tennessee is also one of a handful of states that has the lowest level of jobless rates in the nation. 

For those looking for a cheap thrill, Tennessee’s summer vacation destination, Lake Jackson, is the perfect place to get away and enjoy. 

The beach is a popular spot for those wanting to do a little hiking, but it’s also home to the country’s most famous swimming hole. 

It’s also an ideal destination for those looking to get out of the city, especially for those in search of a less stressful life. 

And you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy it. 

In the city of Knoxville, you’ll find the countrys largest casino, the iconic Bellagio. 

At the resort, you can rent the largest rooftop pool in the entire state. 

While the resort is famous for its gaming, it’s equally famous for being home to a number of top-rated restaurants and bars. 

You can also rent out your car to someone who wants to stay overnight. 

If you’re looking for something a little more fun, you may want to consider a vacation on the Blue Ridge Parkway, or if you want to get back to basics, head to the Bluegrass State National Park. 

Tennesseans have long enjoyed their beautiful landscapes.

But now, they also have an abundance of recreation opportunities. 

As the country continues to expand, there’s plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and spend time with family and friends. 

But before you get too excited about visiting, there are some things to keep in mind. 

There’s also a good chance you won’t be able to enjoy the best parts of the state if you decide to visit. 

That’s because the state is one of two that has no federal parks. 

Other than that, the parks are mostly small, private places that aren’t open to the public. 

According to the National Park Service, the state has about 4,600 national parks, including the Big Cypress National Monument, the Grand Canyon, the Cascades, Mount Rushmore, the Grand Staircase-Escalante, Poseidon’s Rise, Giant Sequoias, Great Smoky Mountains, and Mount Rainier. 

 It also includes 4,400 national monuments, including Seven Summits, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Stairs, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone National Park and Grand Stops. 

Even though there are national parks in Tennessee, most of them are privately owned, and only about 1,500 of them were used by the federal government in 2015. 

More on tourism Tennessee is a state that’s a mix of rural and urban, with some people staying in town for vacation. 

One of the big draws of Tennessee’s tourist attractions is the number of restaurants and eateries that are within walking distance.

But there are also plenty of great options to explore other places. 

Among the most popular attractions for tourists is the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. 

Its mission is to provide health care and other services to the state’s poorest residents. 

Blue Cross BlueShield of Tennessee, an agency in Tennesee, is located in Nashville, Tennessee, where the company is headquartered. 

They’re one of the biggest health care providers in the state.

Blue Cross BlueShield of Tennessee is the largest health insurance company in the United States. 

Because they’re one of the largest providers of health care services, Blue Coins, Health Insurance Plans and the Blue Shield of Tennansas, BlueCross BlueShield does provide the majority of healthcare in the state. 

When you visit, they’ll tell you about all of the services that are available, and what types of services you can expect. 

Some of the things you can see while visiting Tennessee are the Tennessee state park system, the Blue Mountains, the Tennessee Zoo, and some of Tennessee State Parks. 

Besides the state parks, Tennessans also enjoy the Blue Water National Recreation Area, a national creek that offers water slides, a water-themed park, a boat race, and an all-day swimming pool. 

Along with the Blue Waters, you will also be able to visit the White Mountains National Scenic River, the Pigeon Forge State Park,

How to get a ‘beautiful’ vacation at Myrtle Beach beach: What you need to know

It’s the season of summer, which means a whole lot of summer vacations.

But for a lot of people, those summer vacations are going to involve spending time in Myrtle.

And this is where a few common misconceptions about Myrtle beach vacations can be laid to rest.

The first misconception is that Myrtle is a vacation destination, or at least one of many summer beaches.

It’s not.

Myrtle was a British colonial settlement for the British in the Caribbean Sea and it was home to many of the first settlers who came to the island in 1764.

Myrtle was also the location of the British naval base, the Queen Elizabeth.

Myrtenys tourist board shows the island as a destination that is not a destination.

The island has been visited by tourists since the 17th century, when it was the main port of the island for the Spanish.

The second misconception is the belief that tourists can’t go to Myrtle, because it’s a British colony.

It is.

In fact, the island is home to over 60 percent of the population of the U.K. and has become a popular summer destination for tourists from all over the world.

That’s because it is a U.S. territory.

The U.k. also holds the U-turn on the U.-turn.

The country was colonized by Britain from India in 1763 and it still maintains a very different culture from its British-controlled neighbor.

It also isn’t as busy during the summer.

Myrta has a very small population, but a lot is happening in the surrounding areas.

Myrthles tourism board shows that the island has a vibrant nightlife scene, with people enjoying the beach.

But that’s where the real popularity comes from.

It was the only summer beach in the U


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