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PA’s attractive synonym for attractive is “attractive”

A Pennsylvania law that bans the word “attractiveness” has attracted a lot of attention.

The law, which was signed into law by Gov.

Tom Corbett (R) on June 16, 2017, says that any “deceptive advertising” that uses the word attractive to describe a person’s appearance is a Class 3 misdemeanor and could result in a fine of up to $2,500. 

The law was crafted by Pennsylvania’s Attorney General’s Office in response to the proliferation of sexual harassment and sexual exploitation advertisements in the state. 

It makes it a Class 1 misdemeanor for anyone who posts or uses a “sexualized, offensive, or obscene” image or image of another person or animal to use that image or likeness to sell products or services, including “sexual contact,” as defined in the law. 

(The law has also made it a felony for anyone to “use any sexualized, obscene, or indecent material on any website or in any electronic communication or message,” according to the Attorney General.) 

The attorney general’s office has been investigating whether advertising for “sexual favors” or “sexual activities” has been used to solicit sex. 

“The law is designed to ensure that consumers can trust that companies are not knowingly advertising sexual favors, sexual activities, or sexual favors to consumers,” said David E. Smith, director of the Attorney Gen’s Office’s Office of Communications. 

State lawmakers passed the law after a local newspaper published a graphic image of an attractive woman and captioned it, “Get to know your body.” 

“It was a real eye-opener for us,” said State Rep. Bill Hensley (R-Philadelphia), a sponsor of the law who also is a lobbyist.

“This law is going to be a model of what we’re going to need to do for this kind of behavior to stop.” 

Pennsylvania has been one of the states where sexual harassment laws have been enforced, and some lawmakers say that there are still cases of sexual assault and rape. 

A Pennsylvania law, signed into effect in June 2017, that prohibits the word ‘attractivity’ from being used in advertising to describe people’s appearance, and if a person is convicted of a Class 2 felony, a fine is $2.5,500 or both. 

This law has attracted criticism for the number of complaints filed by women who say that they were sexually assaulted while on the job. 

Pennsylvanians who are concerned about the law are asking other state lawmakers to sign a similar bill that will also be passed in the next few weeks. 

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