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What are the best local attraction names?

What are some of the best names to use for your local attractions? 

Here’s our list of the 10 best names we think might be a good starting point. 


The Lakeview Lodge The Lakeview is one of the most well-known local attractions in Denver. 

It’s an iconic landmark with its distinctive stone archways, stained glass windows, and historic charm. 

Its main attraction is a small, but impressive indoor swimming pool. 

The lodge itself is located at the southwest corner of West 14th Street and South Jackson Avenue, and the entrance fee is $10. 

If you’ve never visited the lodge, you should be able to find a free parking lot near the hotel. 


Old Town Square The Old Town square is a massive and well-maintained urban plaza with some of Denver’s most iconic buildings. 

While the plaza itself is not the main attraction, it is an interesting mix of public art, art deco, and other architectural styles that create an attractive backdrop for the park. 


Denver ZooDenver Zoo is one big attraction, with an impressive array of exhibits, interactive exhibits, and rides. 

This park is also known for its popular “Zoo City” exhibit. 

Denver Zoo has its own admission ticket for adults and children, but you can also purchase tickets for children ages 2-11 for $3.50. 


The Denver Botanical GardenThe Denver Botanic Garden is the largest garden in the state, and one of Colorado’s largest tourist attractions. 

It’s home to some of Colorado ‘s most beautiful, interactive plants. 


The Old Denver BreweryThe Old Denver is one the oldest breweries in Colorado, dating back to the early 1800s. 

You can get your fill of beer from the taproom, which is located just inside the Old Denver in the historic neighborhood of Old Town. 


Fort Mitchell Outdoor TheatreThe Fort Mitchell is an outdoor theatre in downtown Denver, and it’s one of Denver ‘s premier attractions.

The theatre has been a popular destination for locals for many years. 


Grand ParkThe Grand Park is one part of Denver, but its more of a rural community park than a city park.

The park is home to a variety of native plants, including the Denver Red Fox. 


Denver International AirportThe Denver International airport is home of international travel, and its one of our top tourist destinations. 

Located at Mile High International Airport in Denver , it is home, among other attractions, to the Denver International Bridge, a spectacular floating bridge connecting Denver to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. 


Downtown DenverThe Denver skyline dominates downtown Denver , and its a sight to behold, and that’s just what you get when you visit the city. 


Denver Museum of ArtDenver Museum of Arts, home of one of America ‘s finest art collections, is located in the heart of Denver . 

There’s something about seeing the works of renowned artists and collectors that makes it one of those citys best museums. 

See our 10 best Denver attraction names for more info on the top attractions.


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