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How to avoid cat attract debris

In many places around the world, the cats that wander into people’s homes can make an enormous mess.

They can make things hard to clean up and can even cause some serious damage.

So how do you avoid cat debris in your home?


Use cat litter and keep it out of the trash.

In many countries, you can use cat litter for your cats to keep them away from people’s yards and pets.

You can also put a lid on your cat’s crate so it can’t go to the bathroom.


If you live in a town with a large population of cats, consider purchasing a litter box for your cat to stay out of.

Most litter boxes come with a lid so your cat can’t easily access the contents.


Do not keep your cats indoors with you when you are away.

Cats are territorial animals and may fight if they feel threatened.

If your cat is not able to fend for itself in a large area, you may need to call the police or the municipal animal control office to help you.

The best place to look for litter boxes is in the trash, but if you do find one, make sure the lid is securely attached to the box.

Some litter boxes also have a pad or padlock.


Never leave your cat unattended.

Cats can become aggressive if left unattended for long periods of time.

When they get the chance, they will attack other cats or even other humans.

This can cause serious injury or even death.


Don’t leave your pet alone in the home.

If the cat is in a situation where he/she can’t be restrained, a person can get into the room with the cat and place him/her in the cage.

When the cat feels safe, he/her will then become more territorial and fight to be released.

When that happens, the person will likely get bitten by the cat.

If that happens and the person doesn’t know what to do, they can get bitten.

Cats will also defend themselves when they are alone.

You should call a local animal control or police station and they can help you find the appropriate local shelter.


Don�t leave your dog outside with your cat.

The pet is the most vulnerable of all animals and can easily be injured by a cat.

Even if your cat won�t attack a person, the cat can bite, scratch or chew your pet.

Dogs also can bite cats and humans.

If someone attacks your dog, contact the police.

Cats and dogs should not be left in the same room at all times.

When you live with a cat, it should only be left on a leash.

If there is a problem, call the local animal shelter or police.


Don´t leave food or other waste in your cat�s waste basket.

If food or any other waste is left on the floor, the garbage can becomes a litter bin for the cat to waste on the ground.

If a cat decides to use the litter bin, the waste must be collected and the waste should be removed.


Never use litter bags or food containers that are not labeled to indicate what type of waste they are.

The name on the bag should be a clear indication of what type.

If they have a label that indicates “food” or “fruit,” the waste can be disposed of in a garbage can or a bin.


If litter is left in a home, be sure to properly dispose of it.

Use litter bags to dispose of your cat litter or trash that is left by the trash can.

Do NOT throw the litter in the garbage.


If an animal has been injured or killed, call an animal rescue or humane society in your area to get help for the injured animal.


If cats are kept in a pet shelter, don�t take them outside.

If it’s a pet store, call ahead and see if they have cats inside.

If not, do not take your cat outside until you know that your cat has been properly treated and is no longer at risk of contracting diseases.


If pets are living in a trailer or shared housing, make certain they are well-fed and water-soluble.

Do their vaccinations as soon as possible.


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