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What’s next for the best of the best in Wisconsin?

What’s in store for the Wisconsin dell?

It’s been a rough few weeks for the Milwaukee Public Museum and a lot of its staff, as the city is now facing what’s known as the “discovery tax.”

It’s a new law passed by Milwaukee City Council that, if it’s passed, will effectively raise the museum’s monthly operating budget by about $2,000.

It’s part of a broader tax increase in the state of Wisconsin, which Gov.

Scott Walker (R) has called a “dead end.”

The state has also imposed a tax on the sale of certain types of recreational goods like beer and wine.

It makes up for a $1,500 annual tax that the state levies on businesses and residents.

In Milwaukee, the tax hike has been the subject of heated debate.

Some community leaders have said it’s not fair to levy a tax that doesn’t go to the people who actually pay for it.

Others, like the dell, have argued that it’s a tax hike that will spur economic growth and make Milwaukee a more livable city.

As for the della, it’s still a work in progress.

The museum is still trying to figure out what it’s going to do next, but the board is hoping to announce a permanent closure to the collection.

“The dell is an institution that represents the spirit of Milwaukee,” the museum said in a statement.

“Its future depends on the support and investment of the community and its employees.”

How to watch Chicago’s best attractions on TV, on the go

Chicago’s parks and attractions are now offering a new way to watch them: via a TV.

Starting this week, ABC News Chicago will air more than 300 shows and specials from the park, city, park and museum on-demand.

The channel will be available to subscribers at no extra cost.

A number of Chicago parks will also offer on-air and video programming this summer, including Chicago’s National Mall, the Chicago Botanical Garden, the Museum of Science, the Illinois Botanic Garden, Soldier Field and the Soldier Field Aquarium.

The Chicago Public Library will offer on board programming from the Library of Congress, as well as the Chicago Public Art Museum and the Museum at Wrigley Field.

Chicago Public Television, the local public television network, will also be airing Chicago-themed programming on-line beginning in September.

“The Chicago area has some of the most iconic attractions and we’re excited to offer a way for our viewers to connect with the Chicago Park District and its guests, partners and guests,” said Chicago Public TV’s chief operating officer, Robert Rittenberg.

“Our new on-the-go service will allow viewers to watch our programming anytime, anywhere.”

Chicago Public Media’s Chicago Park Division will continue to offer daily news and current events programming through its website, while Chicago Public Radio will offer its popular “Chicago Tonight” radio program on-site.

The parks and parks entertainment division will continue airing Chicago Tribune-owned news and other public affairs programs on its local stations, and Chicago Public Public Television will continue offering on-location programming.

The Tribune-branded stations will be the only stations offering on air and video coverage of the parks, as will the Tribune-affiliated stations in neighboring towns.

Chicago’s Parks and Recreation will continue its “Chicago Park Week” celebration of the Chicago Cubs baseball team through September, with a special broadcast of the team’s games at Soldier Field.

“This new on the fly service gives park visitors and the public a fresh new way of experiencing our parks and will also enable visitors to see our city’s unique parks in the same way they do on TV,” said Parks and Rec Executive Director Joe Garofoli.

“With more than two dozen parks and outdoor activities to choose from, this service is perfect for those who want to experience our parks for themselves.”

Chicago Park Partners, which operates parks and other recreational facilities in the Chicago area, said it will offer a similar service to Disney Parks in Anaheim, California, as part of the company’s “Summer of Disney.”

“We’re excited about the launch of this new service, and look forward to seeing how this service continues to grow over the coming months,” said Scott Siegel, Chicago Park Partner, in a statement.

Chicago-area parks will have the option to choose a specific station for each park or a channel.

“As the parks and recreational facilities network continues to evolve, we need to make sure that we have a consistent service for our visitors,” said Garofolis.


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